TigerFlashJill Fox's Backing Methods

The most important aim I have when backing a young horse is NO FEAR & NO PAIN.

  • What I aim for is a horse that is mentally stable, and is strong in its joints, muscles, heart, lungs - breathing, to handle the rigors of being an athlete.
  • It takes me +_ 6 weeks to have a young horse trotting confidently with someone riding it.
  • Week one teaching the horse to lung
  • Week two teaching the horse to long rein
  • Week three de-sensitizing
  • Week four lying over the horses back
  • Week five sitting on the horses with some one leading and start trotting
  • Week six trotting out with the string of horses


All horses are feed good quality food and drink spring water and are bedded on either erogrostice hay or red grass which is provided to them at lib.

I have had great success with this routine as seen from the many horses that have been backed here and have won races, graded races, and races overseas and have continued racing until they are a good age.

All horses are handled by me personally during the backing and most horses are ridden by myself. No horse leaves the yard under saddle without correct supervision.


11_10_14____10Justamossa_Yearling_by_Horse_chestnutCore Muscle Development

Core Muscle development refers to specific exercises that mobilize the inter-vertebral joints and strengthen the muscles of the neck, back, abdomen and pelvis that control the horse’s posture and balance.

When a horse is worked in certain frames, and develops muscles to carry its self, it will have less risk of repetitive use injuries. The horse will also grow more confident in its work and environment.

“The strengthening of the core stabilizing muscles enhances athletic performance and reduces injuries.” Quote from Activate you horses core -  Narelle C Stubbs & Hilary M. Clayton

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