Backing and Pre-Training

View our Backing Methods page for more information on our approach to backing and pre-training.


The Fort Stud has had great success with spelling of racehorses. Horses that have been giving their best need a break or horses that have gone sourer and are uncomfortable with their surroundings need a break.

When a racehorse arrives at The Fort Stud they are usually racing fit and so I believe that they should be taken for long walks and “let down” gradually.  When they are settled into a quiet routine, the work is gradually increased until they are fit enough to go back into the race yard.  Horses that have been spelled here, have been successful with their racing careers. Jetstream Lady, winning her third race after spelling here. Bolshevik winning third race after being spelled here. Prince of Cannes winning second race after being spelled here.


All mares are given a stress free gestation period with top quality nutrition, all vaccinations, dewormings, farrier, and ectoparaciticide are kept up to date. All foalings are monitored. Foals are dewormed and farrier work is done on a monthly basis, all foals are handled from birth.   

Sales Preparation

We regularly prepare horses for the sales ring. Experienced staff accompany horses to the sale to ensure their well being and best appearance.

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